Cube Watermelon
I'm attempting to write a magical girl webcomic, but I tend to watch more action oriented shows, like Darker than Black or Evangeiion. So I was wondering, what do you think makes a good magical girl show and what makes a bad one? Is it all storytelling, or should I make some room for the more "wish fulfilment" aspects?

Formerrrr. Also I haven’t seen a WHOLE lot of magical girl shows, but the hardest part seems to be making an excuse for the existence of magical girls in the first place that doesn’t feel ridiculously contrived or generic.

In general I think setting out to ‘write a magical girl’ story is dangerous! Write a story, and if magical girls become involved then *sparkle sparkle*

  1. lyragoblin said: Personally, something I really love in magical girl stories is just a hint of cheesy after school special atmosphere. The truth-love-justice power of friendship thing. Teehee.
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