Cube Watermelon

Let’s Speak English #39!

If you have a black eye patch, you are a pirate. If you have a white eye patch, you are an anime. I’m sorry, I don’t make these rules!

Let’s Speak English #38!

On the flip side, I had a brief crush on a coworker that turned out to be in his mid 40s.

Let’s Speak English #37!

And yes, Morals Education is a thing here. This class was mostly about being a good friend, which was pretty damn cute.

If you’re familiar with Japanese, the last line of the quote was “dekinai” to which the kids immediately shouted “dekiru!”

Let’s Speak English #36!

Featuring the return of These Goofballs.

My boobs are B for “Big Enough”

Sorry these have been kinda infrequent lately; I keep having to do actual SCHOOL things at SCHOOL D:

And I am slowly switching to “summer mode” in these comics because IT IS TOO HOT FOR SUITS FINALLY.

Let’s Speak English #34!

In which sixth graders are sixth graders.

I made a worksheet for some o’ my sixth graders. (in Japan. I teach English to Japanese children.)
Obviously I couldn’t just use clipart D;

I made a worksheet for some o’ my sixth graders. (in Japan. I teach English to Japanese children.)

Obviously I couldn’t just use clipart D;

Let’s Speak English #33!

Which is of course a sequel to #31.

I’ve mentioned this before on twitter, but you aren’t really winking unless a star shoots out of you eyeball.

Let’s Speak English #32!

Undoukai was a ton of fun. I love any time I run into the kids outside a classroom setting so we can goof around and be fellow human beings temporarily. Also they did adorable Ouendan routines and Yosakoi dances and I wanted to hug ‘em all.

Let’s Speak English #31!

"You have a poo" became this class’s favorite phrase and they still tell me it all the time.

Let’s Speak English #26!

When I tweeted about this day, several people expressed how hard it would be to explain what ‘of course’ means. Luckily, a Japanese equivalent is one of those dumb phrases I learned from anime (Mochiron!)

Let’s Speak English #24!

I spent a while afterwards researching whether gingerbread men ever had any religious significance. If they did, it was quite a while ago.

And yes, we also have Ginger Men.

Let’s Speak English #23!


Anyway I’ve got relatives in Chicago. I’ve seen some snow up in here.

I drew fruits for school! I wanna teach ‘em all to my third graders then play English fruits basket :>

I just found this old assignment from a storyboarding class. MEMORIES

I don’t think I ever posted all of this up here so here it is! For historical purposes.

It was from a story idea about a galactic cruise liner that’s destroyed and an attendant android that has to get a young stowaway home. Or something.

Final complete! I might tweak a few things if I get time before leaving for A-Kon but in general this is it :0

The assignment was to create a 5-page comic in which you wake up after hearing a noise. You reach for your phone but can’t find it, then hear an even more concerning sound. You find something to use as a weapon and go to open the door. Then ????